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Tidal Treasures Stables is a 30 acre family-owned farm nestled amongst a spectacular setting atop the cliffs of the rugged Minas Basin – an ancient shoreline carved out by the rhythmic rise and fall of the World’s Highest Tides. Located on the Kempt Shore in Nova Scotia just 45 minutes from Lower Sackville or 25 minutes from Windsor, this tranquil equine facility boasts a large, bright indoor riding arena (120′ x 70′), a large outdoor arena (100′ x 200′ ) where you can ride while overlooking the ocean, and direct access to the beach! We offer horse boarding and riding lessons – English style with an emphasis on trail/beach riding. If you have a passion for horses and a desire to fully experience the natural beauty Nova Scotia has to offer, this is the place for you!

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Beautiful Day in March on the Farm

We have recently cleaned out our stories/video section (see above) to make room for the next couple of years…but stay tuned the 2021 season is upon us!

Beautiful Day in March at the Farm!

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Training a Horse for Endurance

Follow the story as I train and condition our beautiful little mare Penny for the sport of endurance riding. We are starting in January and will carry the story all the way through. Strap on in for an interesting year!

Training for Endurance – February

February was pretty much a rehash of January, so here’s a little video of Penny with her pal Aziim just to lighten the day. (Aziim is the dirty white horse and Penny is the dirty brown horse!) These two along with two other horses usually live outdoors 24/7 all year long. Yep…all year long. They…

Training for Endurance – January

Looking ahead to endurance riding competitions this year…and hoping that Covid will be under control at least to the point where there are competitions, my mind wondered to our little Penny.  She is the only Arabian left on the farm with absolutely no endurance training.  She is 12 years old and was “lightly” rode by…