Training for Endurance – February

February was pretty much a rehash of January, so here’s a little video of Penny with her pal Aziim just to lighten the day. (Aziim is the dirty white horse and Penny is the dirty brown horse!) These two along with two other horses usually live outdoors 24/7 all year long. Yep…all year long. They have shelter out there and they do very well. However, on some winter nights we bring them in and the night before this video, that’s exactly what they did. It was still really miserable the next day so we put them in the indoor riding arena so we could clean out their stalls and then put them back into the stalls. They are not used to being “cooped up” and so they let loose when we put them in the arena. I ran and grabbed my camera and got a little bit of the action on video!

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