Distance Riding

Trail Riding on Steroids!

Tidal Treasures Stables is actively involved in distance riding training and distance riding competitions. Lynn is a member of both the American Endurance Riding Conference (AERC) and the Atlantic Canada Trail Riding Association (ACTRA). She has almost 2,000 official competition miles registered with those organizations. She and the riding crew at Tidal Treasures have competed locally, across the maritimes and have attended several multi-day events in the Eastern United States. Most of her students and boarders enjoy accompanying her on her many trail rides. Some also enjoy the thrill of competition and she has competitively coached both seniors and juniors at the local level, Atlantic level and internationally.

A distance rider spends long hours in the saddle and a lot of time outdoors learning skills such as riding through the woods and camping overnight with a horse. The basics of the sport would benefit any rider and their equine partner and Lynn loves to teach and pass her knowledge along, so if you would like to learn more about this sport, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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