Lesson Programs

Tidal Treasures Riding Programs

We provide lessons starting from the basic introductory stages though to advanced instruction. Riders are taught English Riding Skills and Horsemanship Practices (horse care, stable management, handling) in a small group lesson format and encouraged to have lots of fun while learning new skills, building relationships with their equine partners and collecting experiences/memories that will be treasured for many years to come!

Our Signature Activity is the enthusiastic incorporation of trail riding and beach riding into the lesson structure of our English Riding Program. Once students have completed the Introductory Phase and are ready to enter the mainstream English Riding Program, their lessons will include regular trail and beach riding lessons integrated along with the arena teachings of traditional riding instruction.

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If you have more questions after reading the lesson descriptions below, please use the contact us button to ask your question or set up a phone conversation. We’d love to talk to you! It’s a big decisions sometimes!

Introductory I and II Program

$120 +GST (weekly lessons)

New Classes Starting Mid June 2022!

(Tuesday, Wednesday)

Introductory I Program: Provides a solid foundation for those new to horseback riding and is based on the fundamental skills of English Riding. Lessons incorporate horsemanship teachings (horse care, stable management, handling) along with time in the saddle. Once students have acquired some basic horsemanship knowledge and are able to independently walk, trot and steer, they will be invited to progress onto the Introductory II Program.

Introductory II Program: After students have received their Certificate of Achievement for Introductory I, the Introductory II Program will teach students to further develop their independence at all gaits as well as teach them to independently handle a horse on the ground and tacking up.

English Riding Program

English Riding with a Trail Riding Emphasis

$140/month +GST (weekly lessons)

Once riders have received their Certificate of Completion for Introductory I and Introductory II, they will be invited to enter the English Riding Program. At Tidal Treasures our English Riding Program is different from most in that we have incorporated regular trail and beach riding lessons along with the usual offering of arena instruction. Riders will also receive in-depth instruction regarding many aspects of horsemanship practices (horse care, first aid, stable management, handling). Our goal is to develop long-term equestrians well equipped to skillfully ride and care for their equine partners.

If you think you already have the skills necessary to start in this program and do not require the lessons provided in the Introductory Programs, please use the Contact Us form to provide your name, email, and phone number and we will set up an appointment!

Advanced Trail Riding Program

$225/month (including taxes)

Ever dream of camping with your horse overnight….riding through the trails from dusk til dawn, cantering through the woods and in wide open fields? If this sounds like your dream come true, we can help you get there! Tidal Treasures Stables has been riding and conditioning distance horses for competitive trail and endurance riding for close to two decades. Our advance lessons include riding lessons over long distances, learning to care for the athletic requirements of long distance horses, learning how to trailer safely and learning how to camp with horses.

In addition to learning all there is to know about distance riding, our students are offered opportunities to accompany us to events hosted by The Atlantic Trail Riders Association (ACTRA). and the American Endurance Ride Conference (AERC). For further information on the sport of Distance Riding, we encourage you to to take a look at the page on our website entitled “Distance Riding”.

*Riders must demonstrate the ability to perform basic riding skills before being accepted into this Program. If you are interested in this Program, please use the “Contact Us” form with your name, email and phone number and we will set up an appointment!