Sitting 1 2 3

I am always reading about horses and riding.  This week was no different, and I took interest in a couple of articles relating to sitting posture.   What I like to do before I go down to ride on Sunday,  is pick a topic and memorize a “top three” (or something similar)  to put into my head and play with while I’m riding.  This week I did this for myself with sitting posture as my topic.   Anyhow, Pam and I were riding on Sunday…I had not said anything to her about the fact that this is what I was doing..and she said to me…”Geez you have good posture today.  What are you doing?”

So, with that said, I thought I’d share “Lynn’s condensed version of sit”  Now, remember…this was done in my head for me…take what you may want from it, but don’t expect it to be complete or polished.  It is what it is – have fun with it if you want.

  1.  No Gripping
  2. Get off your pubic bone
  3. Move hips free of spine


  1. No gripping.  Make sure that your seat (seat =  your butt and the tops of your legs)  and the rest of your legs are gripping nowhere.  It helps to do this if you imagine dragging your feet along the top of the ground as you ride.
  2.  Get off your pubic bone.  Women tend to ride with weight on their pubic bone because of the arch in their back.
  3. Move hips free of spine.  Like anything else when you bring conscious awareness to it, you move better.  Just be careful that you don’t free up your hips to the point, you start pushing with them.

I always enjoy going for a ride this time of year with something to play with in my head.  It passes the time in the arena and gives me a focus.  Sunday would have been a boring ride otherwise because neither Kohl nor I are in much shape for anything too taxing…hopefully that will change in the next few months!!

Happy Riding.

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